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Traveling to New York City can be both exciting and challenging for photography. There is almost a photo at every turn, but capturing the essence of the city can be the hardest part of all.


Take a break from the standard tourist images and seek out some of the culture, landscape, and grit of this incredible city, and you'll come away with an eclectic array of images.


One of the nice changes in winter is that the sun rises later - and any place you want to go to shoot usually has less people and easier access. This was the case one morning when I stopped to shoot the skyline. It was windy and frigid cold, but I had the river edge park to myself.


NYC morning skyline panorama

Exposure: 35mm effective lens - Four images stitched together - F/8 @ 1/420th


I was lucky enough to walk into a totally empty Riverside Church and have a chance to photograph this massive structure and its awe-inspiring work of art.

The question was how to approach a vast structure like this, so I gave it two very different choices from similar vantage points. One shot is held at normal height and the other is shot from the ground looking up. 


Riverside Church New york City


Riverside Church Photos

Exposure: ISO 400 F/2.8 @ 1/4 second XF14mm lens


This horse photo was a lucky grab, though I did say smile, I think he was shy with his lack of teeth. The other scenes are the pond in Central Park with a miniature blur filter and the classic NY City Public Library.


Central Park Horse Photos


Central Park NYC photos


NYC Public Library


Whether your travels take you to New York City, or beyond, make sure you step out of the tourist zone, even if you are at the most iconic places, and look for images that will capture the personality of the place you are visiting.

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