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On a recent trip to the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, Brandon Remler spent a few days in the tropical forest. The scenery was amazing. He found parrots, monkeys, and lizards just to name a few. When you find yourself in a diverse environment when you travel, try to capture that diversity within your photographs as well. 


Use your photo skills to bring back the diversity you experienced. Think about shooting wide-angle when you are trying to capture the landscape or a rich, vibrant sunset.


costa rica sunset photos

©Brandon Remler


Grab your favorite portrait lens, or zoom to your favorite portrait setting when capturing pictures of the local wildlife and birds. Think of making a portrait of them just like you would when taking a portrait of a person.


costa rica photos

©Brandon Remler

Dig out your macro lens, or zoom in as tight as you can for close up photos that will enhance the details and bring some interesting close-up shots to your trip's photo album. 


costa rica macro photos

©Brandon Remler

Think the term photo album sounds old fashioned? Photo albums can of course be digital, but if you haven't done so in a while, think about printing a handful of photos from your latest travels. Strategically place them in an album and see how wonderful you can arrange your pictures to tell the story of your trip. You'll be surprised how much joy you'll experience each time you browse the album on your own, or share it with family and friends. Since this "old fashioned" way of sharing photos is not done as much any more, think of it as retro... or better yet, a new trend!

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