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3 steps to better photos 3


With the right camera features, accessories, and a little know-how, it’s easy to take better photos.

Capture the moments you want to hold on to! 


3 Simple Steps to Great Photos

The best photos come from using the right camera features and accessories at the right time. With this short tutorial, you’ll be on your way to taking better photos!

what to consider in photography


The last step is to think through how you’ll share and enjoy your photos. Don’t just file and forget, do more with your photos! Share, print, and store!


wi fi in photography

  Wi-Fi Connectivity

How the camera connects and to what types of devices (smartphone, tablet, PC/laptop, printer) is very important so you can easily share and print your photos.


Ask yourself: 

Do you want to simply be able to share easily to another device, like a computer or in-home printer?

Do you want 3G/4G capabilities that allow you to wirelessly upload photos directly from the camera to the internet or a professional printer? 

Do you want 3G/4G capabilities that allow you to wirelessly upload photos directly from your camera to an in-home printer? 


printing photos

  Do More with your Photos: Creative Printing

Don’t just file and forget: do more with your great photos to enjoy them every day. From large scale prints of birthdays, to a daily reminder of the winning goal, to holiday t-shirts for the whole family, do more with your photos. There are more options than ever! 


Take your best images and imagine:

How can you surround yourself with life’s best moments?

Which wall is begging for a large scale picture?

Have you made photo books for the family recently?

What image would you love to have on t-shirts and hats for the family? Rover?

Bring a smile to your face every day: put it on your coffee mug!


photo storage


Once your photo is printed, put your digital image in storage. Automated back-up solutions can keep your family’s images safe and sound. 

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