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Tamron USA Inc. has launched the Tamron Lenses & How-To App for Android and iPhone devices. The app is a handy how-to along with a Tamron product reference guide all on the convenience of your device. This app is useful for photographers who are out in the field shooting and would like a quick tip on how to create a better shot through articles and videos tailoring to specific situations and photographic environments. App users have exclusive access to special features on photographing our National Parks and iconic travel sites in the how-to article section. The Tamron Lenses & How-To App is available free for iPad and iPhone here and for Android devices here


Tamron Apps      Tamron App


Tamron Lenses & How-To is also a resource for photographers on the go to review Tamron lens specs and access how-to articles and videos on dozens of photographic topics including portrait, travel, nature, kids, family, macro and more. Along with access to Tamron’s articles and exclusive content, the app also offers links to how-to videos including Tamron’s DSLR Know-How: 1-Minute How-to Video Series.


How to use Tamron lens app      Tamron Lens Apps


Other features include event information at participating Tamron retailers, spec information for Tamron lenses, current Tamron contests and promotions, and an easy way to connect with Tamron through Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Flickr, and Tamron’s unique photo sharing platform My Photo Exhibits. Tamron Lenses & How-To App users can register their new lens, find a local dealer, access brochures, and even view Tamron CCTV division products.


Tamron Lens Apps

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