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Dramatic photo opportunities of fog are world wide, but Josh Anon captured this one in his home base of San Francisco. Josh teaches weekend workshops for Digital Photo Academy in San Francisco. 


Even though Mark Twain never actually said the coldest winter he’d ever had was a summer in San Francisco, the near-daily fog does make for some cold summers... and some beautiful pictures! The bay area’s geography is also unique in that there are hills in the east bay, and the hills are often a demarcation line for the fog.


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Depending on the weather conditions, there are days where a low, thick bank of fog rolls into the bay but below the top of the hills. This makes a great vantage point, looking across the city and seeing where the fog is located. I was in the hills on one such day, guessing the weather conditions would be correct, but I arrived before sunset and before I could see for sure what the fog was doing. As the sun started to set, the fog moved across the bay. A long lens on a tripod (roughly 400mm) let me isolate the features that make the scene say “San Francisco.” The bay bridge, Sutro tower, and the downtown skyline all scream San Francisco. Even though the fog covers most of them, you still have a sense of geography. Waiting for the lights to come on also added a nice element to the shot, a bit of warmth, and brightness that contrasted with the fog.

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