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Take a look at Digital Photo Academy New Jersey based instructor Bill Blanchard's black and white image of a Ferris Wheel in Seaside Heights, NJ. The photo was shot January 2012, pre Hurricane Sandy, and this section of the pier was lost in the storm. Learn more about Bill and see more of his images here


seeing your photos in black and white


Cold winter days often make for clear crisp skies and I took advantage of that here. When I saw this scene, locked behind a cyclone fence, it went black and white in my head. I found a break in the fence and poked my lens through and shot it as the black and white I knew it would become. The only way I could get the detail I was seeing in the sky along with the deep shadows was by shooting it as an HDR image. I made it black and white as part of the HDR processing.


Here is my shooting data:

Nikon D 700

Sigma 24 to 70mm f-2.8

ISO 500

Shutter 1/800th

f-Stop 7.1

Shot as a jpg image files

HDR Processing in Photomatix to Tiff

Tiff processed in Lightroom

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Beautiful work but that gave me a sense of impending doom. I like using b/w very much, but do think that like color the tones add editorial comment without words. Thank you for allowing the dialogue. I am not an active photographer except via my phone these days, mainly FB'ing, but I admire others' work. Regards.
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