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When photographing the fall colors, keep a few key tips in mind to achieve the richest colors and details. First and foremost, choose a great location. Of course New England is dripping with fall colors each year, but if you can’t find your way to the Northeast, there are plenty of fall photo opportunities throughout the country. If you don’t want to travel too far, check out your state’s website or tourism site. They will often list peak fall color information. There are even apps now that can help you find the best fall color.

Leave the bright sun behind when photographing autumn leaves. Sunlight really only works well with fall colors if it’s early or late in the day. An overcast day is your best bet. You’ll get rich, saturated colors that pop in your photos. An overcast day also lets you shoot longer than simply the magic hours of dusk and dawn. Even a mild drizzle of rain is better than harsh sun. You won’t get those screaming blue skies, but the colors of the leaves will become the hero in your photos instead.


fall foliage star sky photo

This photo was made around 9:40pm with a 30 second exposure
while the night was very still and the stars shined above.

A tripod is really important in landscape photography. If you’ve headed out on an overcast day, the tripod will allow you to keep a greater depth of field in your photos while not having to worry about slower shutter speeds. It also allows you to frame your photos perfectly while concentrating on what’s in your frame, from edge to edge.

Adding another element to the photo, like ponds, lakes, or rivers can enhance your fall photos. Including some of the sky, or even a night sky like in this photo will take your ordinary autumn photo, to extraordinary. Fog can also enhance your photo. It becomes another subject to work into the composition as we’ve done in this panorama.


fog fall foliage

Get out and shoot while the leaves are still on the trees. Let nature perform it’s wonders while you capture the breathtaking beauty to cherish all year round.

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