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Tamron launched its 2015 eBook series, with the first installation available for free download here. Rich, detailed photos deliver a visual backdrop for each 12-page-plus eBook, accompanied by descriptive commentary and hands-on techniques and tips for each book’s specific photographic theme, genre, or location.


Tamron 2015 eBook series


Featured eBook authors are members of Tamron’s Tech Team, a highly skilled group of photographers, educators, and experts in Tamron lenses and lens technology. Tamron’s eBook photographer authors continue to develop their craft behind the lens every day. They then share that photography expertise with beginners, amateurs, and professionals across the country through visits to dealers, schools, camera clubs, and photo shows.


The first 2015 eBook series is called Road Trip Across the Southwest with photographer Ken Hubbard. This pictorial journey takes you through the mountains, tufa towers, and slot canyons of the American Southwest. In this edition, Hubbard and fellow Tech Team colleague André Costantini take the Tamron Tailgate Tour van on a side trip to test-drive the new Tamron SP 15–30mm f/2.8 Di VC lens—the first f/2.8 ultra-wide-angle zoom lens with image stabilization. 


The second eBook delves into photographing sports. Sports Photography: A Guide to Camera Setup and Exposure, with Tamron pro photographer Jillian Bell, is also posted for a free download, along with Seattle in a Day, with photographs by Patrick Nagel using four full-frame Tamron lenses. 


The 2015 eBooks are companion pieces to the Tamron free eBooks already available at tamron-usa.com/lenses/ebooks.php  including Close-Up Photography by Jillian Bell; Nighttime Photography by Jeff Allen; Sunrise/Sunset Photography by Rob Moody; Travel & Landscape Photography by Ken Hubbard; and Natural-Light Photography by André Costantini.

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