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Sony Electronics debuted “Join Together,” the 90-second broadcast spot that launched the “Be Moved” brand campaign celebrating Sony’s longstanding history of merging artistry and engineering. Discover this four-minute documentary called “Separate Together,” that is a film taking place inside a 52,000 square foot exhibit space featuring dozens of tiny towns, 3-story papier-mâché mountains and hundreds of toy trains snaking through a warren of tunnels, past tiny windmills and over bridges made from thousands of toothpicks. Using the Sony’s QX100, the team captured Northlandz like never before.


We come to see how Sony’s QX100 camera is uniquely suited for the project because of its ability to fit into tight spaces and capture unique vantage points that simply aren’t possible with other cameras. The QX100 is a lens-style camera that can be detached from a phone using built-in Wi-Fi. It’s performance in low light and mechanical zoom lens were advantageous in the strange landscape that is Northlandz. In some instances, the views are brought to you by the QX100 mounted to a small flatbed car and attached to a moving model train.




Beyond the film, there is an interactive companion piece that allows visitors to explore Northlandz through the lens of the QX100. It consists of three panoramas each made up of hundreds of photographs all taken with the camera. Similar to Google Street View, visitors can rotate the lens to change their view, use a mechanical zoom to pan into the tiny details, and take pictures to share with their friends. 


“Separate Together” is another piece of the integrated campaign that highlights the innovative products as proof of Sony’s contribution to challenge the status quo.

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