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Experience the world around you with the brand new RICOH THETA. This might be one of the coolest selfie cameras out there. Packed with the features you’ve always loved, the newest addition to the THETA lineup allows you to capture spherical videos up to 3 minutes in length. Developed by popular demand, the new model enables Wi-Fi transfer that is almost twice as fast as the previous model. The small, lightweight, easy-to-carry design, is available in four colors: white, pink, yellow and blue. The latest Ricoh THETA comes equipped with an SDK, which allows you to develop your own original THETA apps. 


Ricoh THETA selfie camera


Ricoh THETA Specifications: 

360° Spherical Panorama

Capture Spherical Video

Simple Operation

Wireless Sharing


Learn more about the Ricoh THETA here >>>


Check out the video below:




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Fuji Film
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