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The members of the PhotoImaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association (PMDA) are proud to salute professional photographers who use their talents and passion and the power of imaging to create programs that give back to those in need.

To nominate a photographer who is giving back with the power of imaging or to elect a student or recent graduate who should be recognized in 2016 please visit our Facebook page and post your nomination!


pmda salutes photographers nominate for 2016


In celebration of their achievements, three photographers were honored at a special event on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 in New York City at the SVA Theater.

In addition, one SVA student who has demonstrated her use of photography to educate and create awareness was awarded the Anthony M. Ruotolo Photojournalism Award.

The annual event will celebrate photographers and their charities, and a contribution will be made on behalf of the photographic community to help them further their cause.

Those in attendance included representatives from the PMDA board, professional photographers, industry press, SVA students and faculty. Each photographer presented their story to the audience, which was followed by a Q&A.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for those in the industry to see the great works that have been accomplished through the unique power of imaging", said Michelle Tramantano, Program Director of the PMDA.

Following the theater portion of the evening there was a networking reception with raffle prizes and event giveaways for all attending along with event sponsors to enjoy.

2015 Recognized Photographers and their charities:
Colby Brown: www.thegivinglens.com
Ted Kawalerski: www.flacsnyc.com
Tamara Lackey: www.beautifultogether.org

2015 Anthony M. Ruotolo Photojournalism Award recipient:
Elise Swain: www.eliseswain.com

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