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Nikon Inc. just launched a refreshed and enhanced Nikon School program for 2014-2015.


The program will be held in various cities throughout the U.S., and will now feature a wider variety of classes and a more interactive experience for photographers of all levels. From beginners to enthusiasts, Nikon School is there to educate and inspire photographers with classes that assist them in taking their photography to the next level, both creatively and technically.


Nikon School Photo Classes


The new courses will focus on specific photography styles and techniques. They will include Travel and Landscape, Creative Lighting, Action and People and Video Production. Additionally, Nikon School will now be structured as a more visual and interactive learning experience for students, with more enhanced content that demonstrate how to get the most out of a camera. Accredited instructors will incorporate live demonstrations and encourage students to let their creativity shine.


Nikon School will host more than 50 classes from September 2014 to June 2015 in 25 different locations nationwide. The programs are taught by six instructors, all of whom are recognized as experts in the industry. 


For more information on Nikon School and to access to the updated schedule, visit www.NikonSchool.com/newclasses.

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