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One has to wonder if Henry Winkler ever sleeps.  Beyond his work as a producer, actor, director, Winkler is the author of the award-winning, best selling children's book series HANK ZIPZER: THE WORLD'S GREATEST UNDERACHIEVER, the 14th installment of which hit bookshelves this past May. On top of all that, readers are well aware of Mr. Winkler's talents as a photographer.  In fact, since his latest appearance in's Celebrities Who Shoot section, some readers have taken the time to comment on Henry's images, ask questions, and convey their support.  Here at TakeGreatPictures, we know what a friendly guy Henry is and that he is always looking for a reason to talk about his photographs.  So we recently caught up with him to get his answers to a few of the questions posted by the readers.

india henry winkler
© Henry Winkler - Settings: f5.6, 1/200*

Michael L. Barham writes, "Hhheyyy!!! Thumbs up to Henry Winkler's photography. I like the sharpness of the clouds over the bridge shot. I would like to know what kind of camera he uses."

Henry responds, "I bought the Sony  A100, because it uses my Minolta lenses. I have to rely on the automatic settings to get a great shot, because I don't understand how to do anything manually. The only thing I really change is the focal length."

cloud bridge sky henry winkler
© Henry Winkler - Settings: f11, 1/500*

Frank was also curious to know which camera Henry used to take his pictures, saying, "Amazing pictures, and yes, the clarity in each is breath taking. I, like many others would also like to know what camera he used, as well as the focal length of the lens and the f-stop."

Says Henry, "When shooting outdoors I always use a polarized lens; and again the camera is always on automatic."*

henry winkler field canon landscape
© Henry Winkler - Settings: f6.3, 1/60*

Ginny Thompson remarks, "Henry, your shots are my cup of tea.  Looking forward to more of your best.  I would like to know what area some are in.  Looks like Montana."

"Yes, Ginny, many of my images are from Montana," says Winkler.  "I love to go there because I can enjoy nature and the peace and quiet.  I'm an avid fisherman and my whole spirit soars when fishing for brown or rainbow trout in Montana.  If you'll notice from some of my other images that are on the site, I love to travel all over the world.  Some of these images are taken in India, in Venice, and all parts of the globe.  Wherever I go, I'm sure to bring my Sony A100 to make sure I'll bring back some great images to go along with my memories."

venice italy henry winkler
© Henry Winkler - Settings: f8, 1/250*

Charlene Mar of Australia says "Great photos. I'd like to know what kind of lens and settings were used. I recently visited the USA and wish I lived over there - great place. I'm from Australia."

Henry responds “This next shot was taken in Sydney, Australia."

sydney australia henry winkler
© Henry Winkler - Settings: f4, 1/125*

Still others offer suggestions on great places to photograph and techniques worth trying.  Eli writes, "Love the sharpness and colors. Come on down to Panama where the black sand beaches are in contrast with the sky!!  Looking forward to another chance to see more of HW pictures - thanks for sharing!"

santa barbara california henry winkler
© Henry Winkler - Santa Barbara, CA - Settings: f4, 1/30*

John Wallner adds "Hi ya Henry, If ya like the grandeur shots of mountain scenes, try the Alpine Loop in Colorado.  You can start either in Lake City, Colorado and do the northern half or the southern half. Or you can come in thru Silverton and go east. Any way you go, you'll get some really beautiful shots. Also a good 4 wheel drive is recommended. Don't forget your polarizing filter. Make those clouds really pop!"

Jeff Marcus also chimes in "Hi Henry, In your water photos, have you experimented with slow shutter speeds to give the water a beautiful flowing effect? I tried this earlier this year by closing down the aperture (f22), shutter to 3-4 secs and low ISO (100) because it was really bright outside and didn't want to over expose."

henry winkler pond boat
"I love reflections, as you can tell. I'm drawn to them. I always try to capture the symmetry of reflection" – Henry Winkler.  © Henry Winkler - Settings: f16, 1/125*

Henry got lots of words of encouragement, and sharing his photos helped our readers warm up to him, some more than others.  Mickey Stine even had a special request - "Henry Take me with you on your next photo shoot!"

Send us your comments and questions and next time we talk to Henry, we'll let you know what he says!

*We had contributor Jon Sienkiewicz take a look at Henry’s images and he determined to the best of his ability what the actual setting for each image was.  All images in both this and previous articles now show you what settings to use in order to achieve the same clarity as Henry.

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Peter Worthington


Quite refreshing

Mary Royalty


I love Henry Winkler! I had no idea what a great photographer he was. I hope someday I can become as good as he is. The article was awesome.

Kevin Simpson


I like so many others watched him as an actor and always enjoyed it. His love for photography shows in his style and creativity. I would be more than happy to show him and his family around western Pennsylvania and the beautiful Laurel Highlands has to offer and would be happy to see his work.

Claudia Doehrmann


Great pictures!! Always like to keep up with what Henry's been up to,
regardless if it's writing books~taking pictures~or whatever he's doing.

Joanne Pierce


photos are excellent a real inspiration to those of us who photograph

Ralph Nordenhold


Henry, you have a good "eye" for composition - bravo!

dick glaser


I was wondering if Mr. Winkler has any photo's of the Fonz statue in Milwaukee. It was terrific to have him here for the dedication!

Russ Saunders


Henry is a class act all the way! I enjoyed viewing his photos on this website very much & the added insight from Henry and the writer made this more enjoyable.

Suzanne Blanton


It goes to show you that you can do a lot with a camera on auto. Lots of times it's in the vision. And I would have to say Henry's work as a director has helped him in his visual placement.

Henry, I've enjoyed your work since Happy Days & I must say your photos are lovely.

Thanks for sharing them with us!



Nice pics




Tony Walker


Thought it was really great. Happened to stumble on it by accident and was really surprised to see that Henry Winkler was a contributing photographer. Was a bit surprised by his camera selection and I use a Canon SLR, have to do all the settings but just love it.

Karen Farrior


Very good photos Henry, do you have any used equipment that you would like to for donate to our photographers in training. Great program for urban youth interested in becoming photographer. God bless you!

Karen Farrior


Very good photos Henry, do you have any used equipment that you would like to for donate to our photographers in training. Great program for urban youth interested in becoming photographer. God bless you!



Thankyou so much Mr. Winkler for sharing your wonderful photos. I love your humbleness. It shows in your acting and now in your photography. God Bless You!



Lovely pictures!
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