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About Us

About TakeGreatPictures.com

TakeGreatPictures.com is here to help you find meaningful ways to incorporate photography into many aspects of your everyday life, while helping you make intelligent decisions about buying new cameras and accessories.


The site incorporates profiles with professional photographers, photographic tips and techniques, photo contests, ideas for fun ways to use your photography, celebrities who are photographers, tips on purchasing photographic equipment, plus a glossary of photographic terms along with event information.


Easy to use how-to articles help you take great pictures, and celebrity photography stories show us how even the famous have enriched their lives with photography.


Advanced techniques are featured in entertaining and informative articles by top professional photographers.


How-to information on buying cameras, using accessories, and basic and advanced shooting techniques are all covered on takegreatpictures.com.

The PhotoImaging Information Council

The PhotoImaging Information Council (PIC) is a consumer-driven education program supported by America's two leading photographic trade associations. At the heart of all PIC programs is the PIC website www.takegreatpictures.com, which boasts broad consumer appeal. The PhotoImaging Information Council is sponsored by PMDA (PhotoImaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association), PMA (Photo Marketing Association) and leading manufacturers in the photographic and digital imaging fields.


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PIC also serves as an industry resource, providing a greater appreciation for photography and digital imaging to consumers and the media.

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Take Great Pictures.com offers you Photo Tips and Techniques from Master Photographers, the latest news on new products, events, and artists, photo contests, reviews of photography books for your coffee table, columns on digital photography, taking a digital picture, scrapbooking, a calendar of photogenic events and destinations throughout the world, a place to share your own images with others, and helps you in taking great pictures. Brought to you by the PhotoImaging Information Council, Take Great Pictures aims to inspire, inform, and educate those with an interest of photography regardless of picture taking skill level.